'70s Nostalgia Sites

TV Cream
LOADS of ace info on this hilarious site bursting with '70s TV, toys, pop hits, Fry's Chocolate Cream, comics, K-Tel, Magpie presenters and video ping-pong!

TV Ark
A pendulous TV archive of clips, ads, presenters, and idents (you know, like the ATV "Bing, bong, bung... dee de-deee" you got just before Crossroads). More footage of Bill Steel winking at the camera than is perhaps decent.

Marine Boy
You'll just have to indulge me here in this important part of my childhood (God I used to really fancy Neptina the mermaid).

Whitley Bay Sites

The Lighthouse Directory
If you don't believe that Whitley Bay has been blessed with a lighthouse as stunning as any other, well just have a rummage here.

Rendezvous Café
It'll be back in a week or two... I'm typing this in late November 2013.

Rendezvous Café Fan Page
A well-deserved appreciation with some lovely pics.

Tynemouth Toy Museum
Wonder what'll become of this place now it's in mothballs.

Whitley Bay & Tynemouth Guide
The 2010 online companion to the popular Whitley Bay Guide booklet, featuring where to shop, eat and drink, places to go, and many articles by local writers. Sort of News at November 2013 - we are discussing a new WB&T Guide for 2014-51, so who can tell?

Spanish City Workers on Facebook!
Old Teds never die......they come here. Lots of memories and some great pics (including some familiar ones pinched from here, but — hey! — we've all lived!).

Pantrinis Fish & Chips
Established chippy's website with a very interesting History page (so now you can find out just what became of the Wonder Bar, Torres and Tim's).

Friends of Holywell Dene
A voluntary organisation set up to preserve this gorgeous woodland, the best part (the bit us kids used to go to) is now a designated nature reserve.

Monkseaton Village
Jump on, shoo the pigs off the seat, and let local historian Charlie Steel rattle you back to sepia times when rustic folk leant on gates, chewing on a barley straw. Wonderful site, if I say so meself, specific to the Monkey Village of old, with historic tales and a gallery of old postcards.

Whitley Bay Discovery Walk
Pubs shut? Why not get the old athletes' foot on the go in your sweatiest trainers, roaming the coastline in search of knowledge with Geoff "Daddy Longlegs" Holland. Mouse down to the Whitley Bay bit to find out the drill.

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